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The End of Apple?

In the future Apple iPhone may be left behind as a thing of the past. Yes, I said iPhone!  You may be in disbelief, but it may be the beginning of the end for this iconic company. Currently, Apple iPhones are the phone of choice for many students in NRHS and preferred by many high and college milennials.  However, a few factors must be considered. One is Android which has absorbed 80% of the worldwide market share, so 4/5 of every smartphone user in the world uses Android, which makes Apple’s 14% look quite pathetic. Apple has been quickly losing ground to Android and still is. Also, a renewing threat to Apple may be their old competitor, BlackBerry. The phone certainly hasn’t been the latest hype, but was Apple’s biggest competitor and rival between 2007-2010. They have recently received the BlackBerry Priv, the first BlackBerry to use Android. Over 600,000 units have been sold. BlackBerry’s strategic alliance with Google (Android) makes them a renewed threat to Apple. Thirdly, the only other remaining OS to challenge Android is Windows Phone, which is pretty much almost dead and isn’t expected to stick around much longer. Without any other challengers Google Android can focus all of its marketing and attention against Apple, leaving them at the full force of the multi-billion dollar corporation. So what do you think, is iPhone the innovative phone of the future or a fad of the past?


Current Worldwide Smartphone Market Share:

  • Android- 80%
  • Apple- 14%
  • Windows Phone- 3%
  • BlackBerry- 1%


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The End of Apple?