September, 2016

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Dear North Rockland Community,


Welcome back to another school year at NRHS!  The opening of school and the corresponding season of fall indicate new beginnings and the prospects of a bright future.  I know that we will all work together to make this best year possible at NRHS!


At our opening grade level assemblies, we discussed what it means to have RAIDER PRIDE.  We encouraged each student to put their best foot forward and to take self-responsibility for words and actions.  Each individual Raider matters; make the best of yourself by setting goals, working diligently and getting involved in our school community.  Then, we asked each student to contribute to the greater good.  When individual Raiders work collectively with empathy and respect, we can take NRHS to new heights.  Our 12th graders have already demonstrated and modeled what Raider Pride looks like in action this year; they have made us all so proud!


So, as the season of fall begins and the leaves change colors, the students and staff of North Rockland High School maintain the Raider Pride colors of Red and White.  


On September 19, 2016, we begin Spirit Week.  I encourage all students to get involved.  On Class Color Day, flood the main lobby and cafeterias with the colors Blue, Purple, Green and Orange.  Also on Class Pride Day, the Class of 2017 will host our annual Field Day and BBQ.   All grades and students are invited to attend; remember to purchase your wristbands in advance.  Friday, September 23rd is Raider Pride Day. Remember to wear your Red and White.  Finally, the Homecoming Dance is Friday, October 7th; remember to purchase tickets for the dance.  


I encourage all students to maintain your academic focus this year.  The months of October and November should be a time of continued diligence and perseverance; students are reminded the surest way to academic success is through hard work.  Achieving credit, honor or principal’s roll takes dedication and commitment; that means completing every home work assignment, studying for every quiz or test and staying engaged during every class.  I implore each of you to “Make It Happen” every day!



Dr. Gill

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September, 2016