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Student Highlight: Melissa Megali

“Always smile every day with the people you love.” Melissa Megali, a junior at North Rockland swears by this quote. Melissa is currently sixteen years old and is enjoying every minute as a student at North Rockland High School. “North Rockland is very diverse which is a great thing because you’re growing great relationships with people who are from all over the world. North Rockland is one big family, [that] you can’t live without .”

As a proud student at NR, Melissa is very involved in extracurricular activities. She is currently co-president along with John McElroy of Italian Club under the direction of Mrs. Savone. Melissa is also the secretary of Best Buddies. While she doesn’t like to choose favorites, she says she enjoys Best Buddies because “It has shown me no disability can stop a person from being who they truly are.” She has made many new friends since she joined Best Buddies. “Best Buddies was the first club I actually joined coming into the high school.”

While every student at North Rockland has the typical classes, Melissa participates in Wind Ensemble, the first-period band under the direction of Mr. McHugh. She truly enjoys participating in a rather large group. She “looks forward going to band every day. Band lets me express myself musically which is amazing.” With the difficult pieces they play she says that she love[s] the feeling when you play a whole piece of music without messing up because it shows if you really work hard, it sure will pay off.”

Besides all of her time and effort into the clubs and education here at North Rockland, she is also very involved in her community. She coaches co-ed basketball for kids ranging from six to eight years old. On the weekends, she works at Lynch’s and Bowline. She also spends time with her family cooking.

Because of all the cooking she does with her family, she plans on majoring in culinary arts, and if that doesn’t work out, she wants to go to school to help students with physical and mental disabilities. She is currently looking into Pepperdine University, Penn State, SUNY Albany, and Michigan State University.

One of the more interesting things I was able to find out from Melissa is that she is half Italian (from her mother’s side) and half Egyptian (from her father’s side.) She is lucky enough to have two brothers. Brandon is an alumnus of North Rockland and currently, attends Michigan State University. Her other brother, Matt, is also her twin and is also a junior at North Rockland.
Melissa has been very involved in her high school career and plans on staying involved. She is overall a very positive individual and sheds positive vibes around North Rockland. She will be an individual that North Rockland will never forget.

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Student Highlight: Melissa Megali