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Bowling Team Wins State Championship!

Courtesy of John Toscano

Courtesy of John Toscano

What a roller-coaster this week was. For the North Rockland Boys and Girls Bowling team, going to states was such a bitter-sweet experience. The week of February 27th, the bowlers lost a very close friend and bowler, Brandon Smith (Clarkstown North Junior). Due to a disqualification of his team he was unable to qualify for the state tournament where North Rockland was headed. This in the back of our heads, we had new motivation to try and take home the tournament.

On Friday March 3rd, they headed up to Rochester for the tournament the following day. Facing off against the top team from each section (with the exception of Section 10), taking home the gold would be no easy task. On the morning of March 4th, wearing their black and gold ribbons, the championships began. It was broken down into two halves. 3 games in the morning, a lunch break and then 3 in the afternoon, 5 participants from each team per game. The team with the highest cumulative score would be crowned the state champs.

Starting off with the girls, North Rockland was able to place second. This is their 13th time in a row representing Section 1 at states. Led by 7th grader, Victoria Varano (1,236) (206 average) and sophomore Nicole Cona (1,128) (188 average), the girls fought until the very end. With a net score of 5,607 (186.9 average/player) the girls only trailed behind Sections 2’s South Colonie by 54 pins. 3 of the girls were able to place among the top 10 individually for the day, Isabella Palamero (8), Nicole Cona (7) and Victoria Varano tied for 1st. Other chip ins include a 200 game from Annamarie Zayas and Akira Deloatch 214.

Moving on to the boys. What an intense match. They had previously gone to states in 2010 and 2015 taking 1st and 5th respectively. This time, with a fiery passion, in addition to Smith’s bowling towel, the boys were able to take home the gold and the glory for a second time. Going into the final game, they had to beat Section 11 (East Islip) by 93 pins and Section 2 (Guilderland) by 64 pins. After getting fired up by coaches Don Laspina and Alex Rodriguez, the boys went out and made it happen.

With a net of 5,743 (191.43 average/player) they were able to edge out Section 11’s East Islip (5,742) by a SINGLE pin (Guilderland finished at (5,687)). Impressive feats at the end of the game came from freshman Nick Truiano, throwing the first 2 strikes in the tenth frame as well Nick Varano who hit the 1st one under insane amounts of pressure. It came down to Rockland’s anchor, Johnny Toscano and East Islip’s James Spina. The alley went silent. Toscano went first, hitting the first strike while opponent Spina left an 8 count followed by a spare then a 9 count. Toscano followed up with an 8 count spare to win the tournament by one pin.

Exploding the pin deck for North Rockland was freshman Nick Varano (1310) (218.33 average) who took 3rd for the day. Other scorers from the raiders include senior Warren Collins (201-200), senior Nick Sparta (212-203), senior Gabriel Duran (211), senior Johnny Toscano (200-203) and freshman Nick Truiano (224). After the tournament had ended, the boys had pointed to the sky in remembrance of their dear friend who they had won for. Overall, it was a tough week for the Raiders, but they were able to overcome the adversity and take home a silver and a gold medal for North Rockland.

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  1. Mr. Ludwig on March 16th, 2017 2:23 pm

    Well written story! Congrats to the NRHS Bowling Team!


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Bowling Team Wins State Championship!