NRHS Institutes PJ Fridays

Olivia Mendelson, Staff Writer

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Research has often suggested that students learn more effectively when they are comfortable.  In order to help boost both student learning and information retention, Dr. Gill has decided to institute PJ Fridays.

Every Friday, all students are required to wear their pajamas to school. Wearing slippers is also encouraged. We hope this will be a positive step forward for NRHS as a whole, and give students a more comfortable environment to work in.

The administration has high hopes for this new change, and is eager to see the positive effects it will undoubtedly have on student performance. PJ Fridays will begin this coming Friday, April 7th, 2017. 

And if you believed any of this, you fell for our April Fool’s prank!  Please continue to wear regular daytime attire to school.

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NRHS Institutes PJ Fridays