Due to Snow Days, Spring Break Will Be Shortened to 3 Days!

Olivia Mendelson, Staff Writer

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March has definitely been a snowy month for us here in North Rockland. The snow days that had gone mostly unused throughout December, January, and even February were suddenly needed in March, as several winter storms came through the area. On Friday, March 10th, for example, a snow day was called for the district due to impending weather. There was no student attendance as it was a Staff Development Day. What many people do not realize is that when a Staff Development Day is canceled, it counts as two snow days for the district. Combined with the other 3 snow days we have used, this means that several days will be taken off the Spring Break. Students and teachers alike will most likely be very disappointed with this news, but it cannot be changed due to district policy.

If you believed any of this, you fell for our April Fool’s prank!  Enjoy your full week off for spring break!

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Due to Snow Days, Spring Break Will Be Shortened to 3 Days!