NRHS Cracks Down on Lateness

Diane DeLosSantos, Commentary Editor

Dr. Gill has decided to crack down on lateness because of all the complaints he’s gotten from our school’s security guards. Almost all of them have come to him saying that there’s a large amount of students that are continuously showing up late to school. Another thing that they’ve said to him is that they don’t feel like detention is a strong enough incentive to get students to arrive to school on time. So, instead of students getting detention for every lateness, they believe that students should get ISS (in school suspension) for every lateness. They all agree that this new consequence for lateness would really motivate kids to get to school on time, even more so than detention.

One of the security guards, Kim Collin, said “ISS would take away the bad habit of many students of just showing up to school whenever they feel like it”.

Jim Crawford, another security guard,  believes that “ISS would teach students how to be more responsible.”

Dr. Gill believes that this is a great idea because it “would teach students the importance of punctuality, something they need to comprehend, heading into the real world because employers expect their employees to arrive to work on time every day.”

Hannah Dew, a junior, says “This isn’t fair. It’s not easy waking up at 6:00 in the morning for 5 days straight, especially when you take AP classes that come with a huge workload.”

George Colon, a senior, says he “just can’t wake up in the morning because he’s too much of a heavy sleeper. So, it’s always been hard for him to wake up on time and get to places on time”. He goes on to say that he “doesn’t mean to be late, it just happens.”

So, Dr. Gill will be implementing the new consequence for lateness starting tomorrow. NO EXCUSES! Also, if you are still reading this, I hope you’ve realized by now that you just fell for our April Fool’s prank! None of what was said above is true, the consequence for lateness is still detention. Happy April Fool’s!!

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NRHS Cracks Down on Lateness