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Roving Photographer: What are People Doing over the Summer?

Here are the summer plans of some of the students and faculty at our school! 


Mr. Diglio’s summer plans consist of  meeting up with the cross country girls to make sure their training is going well, running two one week Track clinics for little kids, going to the Outer Banks with his family for a week, as well as heading up to Maine with his family to spend a week in Acadia National Park.

“For the remainder of the summer, I just plan on spending my time devising new ways to torture next year’s AP US history.” – Digs



Ms. Davey’s summer plans mainly consist of doing the things she didn’t have the time to do over the school year, as well as going on college visits with her daughter, who’s a junior, doing some college researching, and going to the Outer Banks for a week to visit her sister.


Henry Rodriguez’s summer plans consist of going to Syracuse University to take a design and architecture class for 2 weeks, a aerospace class for another 2 weeks, and a civil engineering class for another 2 weeks. On top of that, Henry and his family are planning on heading over to their family cabin in Maine for 2 weeks. Lastly, Henry is also planning on playing in the marching band.


Mrs. Dapolito is off during the summer, so she said her first week of summer consists of doing some housework and cleaning out closets, the basement, etc. She is also planning on spending a week in Florida to visit her sister, going to the gym, hanging out by the pool, reading, and finally, getting ready for the next school year.


Daniel Fagelman’s summer plans consist of working at a cemetery, hanging out at the thiells firehouse, and getting ready for college, since he’s a senior. 


Danielle DiSclafani’s summer plans consist of going to Michigan State University for summer camp, going to the lake house, going to North Carolina for a college visit, hanging out with friends, and working at the West Point Thayer hotel.


Chris Tiso’s summer plans consist of working as a lifeguard at Lake Welch, going on a cruise with his family, and going on some college visits.  


Mrs. Negron’s summer plans consist of reading a stack of books that she couldn’t get through during the school year, going to New Orleans, showing her family, who’s coming over, around the city, (basically acting as their tour guide, she says) and just enjoying the city as much as she can.


Kevin Koudelka’s summer plans consist of applying and looking for colleges, going to the beach with his family, maybe working as a lifeguard with one of his friends, hanging out with his friends, and relaxing.


Megan Bertrand’s summer plans consist of going to the Jersey Shore for a week with her family and friends and going to South Carolina for a weekend for a family reunion.

















































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Roving Photographer: What are People Doing over the Summer?