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History Can Never be Forgotten

History is something that is extremely important to study.  It teaches us about the beliefs,  lifestyles, cultures, and ideas of those who came before us, but most importantly to educate ourselves from the rights and wrongs of the past so we can try to continue those successes avoid those mistakes in the future.  

The debate over the destruction of Confederate memorial statues is one that has gone on for a few years and has recently been brought back into the mainstream after the events in Charlottesville.  The debate began after the shootings committed by Dylan Roof, who killed 9 parishioners in an African-American church in South Carolina.  This is certainly tragic and hate crimes are not and should not be tolerated in any sense, however it is also important to recognize this was an isolated incident.  While supporters of removal say the Confederate symbols motivate these hate crimes, the movement to remove Confederate monuments have not reduced the number of hate crimes.  Rather hate crimes have increased 86% in 2017 according to the Anti-Defamation League, suggesting the correlation could perhaps even be the opposite of what advocates for removal claim.  Also the overwhelming majority of people support keeping the statues up, with 69% supporting keeping the statues up, 19% supporting removal, and 12% undecided according to Rasmussen Reports.  There is a clear majority among all races too, except African-Americans which are about evenly split on the issue.  

We should not tolerate an atmosphere of hate or discrimination, but it is important to have these historic symbols to learn about the accomplishments, successes, failures, and problems of the leaders and people of the past.  Let’s use these pieces of history to come together to learn and reflect from the events of the past instead of for division in a country that is already divided enough.

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History Can Never be Forgotten