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Club of the Month: Youth Against Cancer

North Rockland’s club of the month is Youth Against Cancer. After meeting with one of the club advisors, I’d encourage many people to join this club for a multitude of reasons. The club is responsible for many events school wide and has a good purpose and impact on our community. The goal of Youth Against Cancer is to “make students aware of different types of cancers and to try to prevent cancers.” (M. Sassone) They fundraise for organizations that support cures for cancers, such as the American Cancer Society. This club also supports people in the North Rockland Community who are diagnosed with cancer, while protecting their identity. This year, the club is looking to get involved with more organizations to help fight cancer.

Some things to look forward to from this club is Pink Out Day, their face painting table at Trunk or Treat, and their involvement in the annual Flash Mob. Youth Against Cancer would also like to hold a walk for all cancers to raise money and awareness; the date is yet to be determined.

If you would like to join this club, the advisors and members are very welcoming. Meetings are held by Ms. Sassone and Mrs. O’Sullivan after school in the planetarium. Don’t forget to support and take part in all of these great events!

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Club of the Month: Youth Against Cancer