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Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Stellato

Meet Mrs. Stellato, music coordinator and teacher at North Rockland High School and Fieldstone.  She grew up in suburban Philly, went to Syracuse University for her undergraduate, and Iona College for her masters.  Mrs. Stellato has been teaching music for 29 years. She was inspired to take on the career of a teacher because she enjoys working with people and sharing ideas, and likes to help others be the best they can.  She teaches all grades from kindergarten to the 12th grade, including a wide variety of music classes from band, to chorus, to general music.  She enjoys teaching all classes, however, her top three would have to be classroom music, PACE, and music theory.  One of Mrs. Stellato’s favorite things about teaching all grades is that she gets the privilege of seeing students mature throughout the years. Watch out though, because her biggest pet peeve for students is when they’re doing other work in her class! She first took an interest in music when her grandparents offered to buy her a piano, and she had her first piano lesson on her eighth birthday.  While her favorite instrument is the piano, she also plays the flute, piano, and trombone. A fun fact: she can perform “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on every instrument but the bagpipes, which she would love to learn.  Her favorite Broadway shows are Something Rotten and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and her favorite show that North Rockland has performed is Pippin.  Aside from music, she’s a big baseball fan, and her other hobbies include crocheting, counted cross-stitch, and embroidery. Mrs. Stellato has been happily married to her husband for 24 years.  She has three kids, and an adorable three-year-old niece. And if you’re wondering what the spring musical will be for this year, you won’t find out until the play in the fall, but Mrs. Stellato can guarantee it won’t be The Full Monty!

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Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Stellato