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The Next Generations of Iphones are Here!

Since June 27th, 2007 Apple has done nothing but keep us at the edge of our seats with exciting, new and useful technology. When the first iphone (iphone 3G)  was released it was unlike any other cell phone in the technology industry. With a GPS, 3G data, a front facing camera, games and other necessary things like push email, text messaging and turn-by-turn navigation the Iphone 3G was the first successful iphone to come out. Since then, apple has released a new device every two years. Such items released in the apple line include; The ipad, iphone 4/4s, the Ipod touch(s), the Iphone 5/5s, Iphone 6/6s, Iphone 7/7s alongside the apple watch, the iphone se and now, they have currently set the release date for the iphone 8 to the 22nd of september. Another phone that is coming out, this upcoming november is the X.. which in roman numeral means 10. To a large amount of people this makes no sense. Why skip the 9th iphone and just go ahead with 10? Well if you were looking for an explanation here it is. The makers were simply celebrating their 10th anniversary since the making of the first Iphone! Instead of coming out with one phone, they decided it’d be best to come out with 2. One for their  usual 2 year update and another to put down their ten year mark. With a larger, water and dirt resistant screen, back glass, quality camera and their new update ios 11 apple surely made a surprising mark to their buyers and competitors.

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The Next Generations of Iphones are Here!