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YAC Sponsors Pink Out Day

Interviewee: Melanie Campozano (Treasurer for Youth Against Cancer)

Q: When does Youth Against Cancer meet?

A: Youth Against Cancer meets every Tuesday in the planetarium.


Q: How does Youth Against Cancer raise money?

A: We typically raise money through bake sales or through selling other items like bracelets and shirts. This money goes out to help people in our community who are currently fighting cancer.


Q: What are your thoughts on Pink Out Day? Do you like how it turned out?

A: Pink Out Day is a great way to show support in the fight against cancer and to spread awareness of it. I think it’s a cool thing that so many people participate in. It turned out very well. A lot of people showed their support by wearing pink. I saw a bunch of people wearing it throughout the day. It was really awesome to see all the support from the school.


Q: How was the bake sale?

A: The bake sale turned out fantastic. Thank you to everyone who helped either by bringing in food to sell, who helped sell them and even those who simply bought something. We were able to sell so much food. A big thanks to Mrs. O’Sullivan and Ms. Sassone for organizing such a wonderful pink out day and thank you to all those in the club who also helped.


Q: I know you guys have been selling bracelets, have a lot of people started buying them?

A: We are selling bracelets in a variety of colors that correspond with a certain cancer. They are doing pretty well. People are generally very supportive.


Personal Comment from Kayla Leonard: I want to say thank you to everyone that is a part of Youth Against Cancer, to those that have supported them by buying the shirts, bracelets, and baked goods they sell, and especially to Mrs. O’Sullivan and Ms. Sassone, since they are the ones who keep everything organized. If you are fighting cancer or know someone who is, I want you to know that everyone wants to support you in your fight and that we will continue to do everything we can to support you. Never give up hope because “No One Fights Alone!”


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YAC Sponsors Pink Out Day