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Stranger Things is a must see!

Many interesting and eye catching science fiction influenced shows were released in the year 2017. Shows like The Flash, Arrow, Legion, Supergirl have captivated children,  teens, and even adults.  But one that caught the attention of some excitement-seeking teens (and a few bandwagons) was Stranger Things.

The show which was released in July of 2016 (following with season 2 in 2017) is  based in the town of Indiana in 1983,  where 3 ‘tweenage’ boys  Dustin, Mike and Caleb are faced with a troubling situation; their closest friend Will goes missing the night after their weekly meeting at Mike’s house to play “Dungeons and dragons.”  

As the search for Will goes on his mother, Joyce is faced with worry, lack of sleep and what are believed to be psychotic breaks from everyone around her when her interminable search for her son turns into something else. She begins to believe that paranormal things are happening around her and isn’t believed by the authorities, her eldest son Jonathan and her ex-husband.

When detective Hopper, who is on the case, starts to believe her, they try to find out what’s happened to Will. On the other hand, his nerdy yet concerned and curious friends make it their duty to find Will. Their faith in Will’s safety increases when a quiet and mysterious girl with hidden abilities wanders into their lives.  She hides in Mike’s house, and they believe she might know where Will is hidden.

The show takes a surprising turn when another girl goes missing; Barbra, who was best friend to Nancy who is Mike’s elder sister.  What they don’t know is both Will and Barbara were taken by a monster, which is believed to be in their game, “Dungeons and Dragons” into another world.

Long story short with the combination of the 3 curious friends, Will’s mother, detective Hopper, Nancy, Jonathan and Steve (nancy’s boyfriend) they come together to investigate “the upside down” and the lab which discovered and hid it in the first place, finding Will and the remains of barbra.

The shows two seasons, on Netflix, were nominated for numerous awards and rated highly by critics, parents, teens, kids, and nearly everyone else who saw it.

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Stranger Things is a must see!